High Performance Learning
Excite Business Solutions conducts High Performance Enterprise, Continuous Improvement and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) education, training and implementation programs on-site at your offices, throughout the United States.

Education and improvements include the following elements:

  • BPR Education.  Educate your management and staff on the characteristics of a High Performance Enterprise and Lean Six Sigma philosophies, including: systems thinking and development, process mapping, problem solving and implementation methods that will lead to improved growth, productivity, quality and Customer Satisfaction and Advocacy, at lower costs across your organization.
  • Change Management. Engage and align employees, Managers, departments and daily operational elements to common purposes; your Customer's Requirements (Defined in terms of end outcomes). 
  • Map your company processes (Macro) and tie them to key Customer Requirements.  Your organization's strategy and critical elements (Micro) in need of improvement and/or alignment will be identified and prioritized for action.
  • Identify and eliminate non-productive (Non Value-Added) activities and enhance flow throughout your organization, leading to increased quality, capability, capacity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • When applicable, employ Kaizen Events, utilizing cross-functional teams, to incrementally and rapidly improve processes to better meet customer requirements (outcomes).
  • Employ visual systems and metrics to create operational transparency to monitor progress and sustainability.
  • Conduct assessments to determine planned versus actual improvement levels, identify additional areas of opportunity and develop and implement methods to sustain improvements (PDCA).

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Charles Shillingburg can be reached at: 

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