Know Your Current State

SWOT Analysis
  • Secondary Research can be conducted to provide information on industry trends, benchmarks, competitive activities and process initiatives.
  • Benchmarking. Review your current Customer/Patient Satisfaction Studies and other available research to ensure that everyone fully understands the issues at hand, their importance to Customers/Patients (Brand proposition, Value, CTQ), and their relationship to Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy.  Perform a custom, Brand "Drivers" & TOPS Forecasting analysis or other investigation to help you better understand the key drivers for your success. 
  • Custom Research in the form of qualitative and/or quantitative research can be conducted to better understand your Value Proposition and uncover gaps in customer/patient information and/or to gather employee feedback to help identify potential barriers to success and opportunities for success. These can be conducted by telephone, mail or via email.

  • Executive Interviews with executives, managers, subject matter experts (SMEs) and customers/patients lead to a thorough understanding of the "as is" condition and the construction of Current State Value Stream Maps, and accompanying metrics, that identify Value Added and Non Value-Added activities.  These interviews help define the Future State vision with maps and metrics that would significantly improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ideal Experience Focus Groups or One-on-Ones are designed to get to the                  heart of what customers/patients are seeking.  Rather than focusing on                            defects, we have found that focusing on positive benchmarks for success is a much more effective method for uncovering needs and expectations and methods for improving performance.
  • HPEDQ Organization Evaluation.  Perform a High Performance Enterprise Development Quotient (HPEDQ) survey to assess your organization's current state, through the eyes of your stakeholders on a wide variety of organizational issues.  The HPEDQ assessment will reveal your organization's strengths and weaknesses to help in prioritizing internal and external improvement efforts.
  • Customer/Patient Studies.  Targeted studies can be conducted to fully understand attitudes, perceptions and "drivers" of  your organization, its Brands, products and services.  These studies are designed to fully reveal your position in your marketplace, including: Share of Mind, Share of Purchase and Wallet, Positioning, Strengths and Weaknesses, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy.  These can be conducted on a pre and post basis or on-going to measure and track progress and sustainability.  The output from these studies can be used to model outcomes for performance improvements.
  • Statistical Intelligence. Provide real intelligence and not just data.  Utilizing attitudinal and behavioral inputs, develop sophisticated, predictive models that will help you better understand the drivers and influence levels on your outcomes.  Produce a wide variety of other helpful intelligence such as Brand Maps, PACE Maps, Control Charts and much more.

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