QFD Model
After,operational "Drivers" are identified, their associated Impacts on Outcomes (e.g., Purchase, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Advocacy) are determined, the High Performance Enterprises' stakeholder Ratings and Rankings are obtained, along with its competition's.  Then, the enterprise will perform, along with Value Stream Mapping,  a Predictive Trade-off Analysis looking for gaps and areas of opportunity that will prioritize impactful improvement efforts.  A cross-functional view is taken that includes all aspects within the organization's Value Stream.

Total Operations Performance (TOPS) Model
Press the button below to see how a Predictive Trade-off Model would work for an organization. The model is derived from a variety of multivariate techniques.   We have found our TOPS approach to be 95% accurate in predicting within study results, to predict results from proprietary syndicated research Benchmarks and to link individual research and improvement efforts to each other.

Total Operations Performance System (TOPS) Trade-off Model     

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