Charles Shillingburg has written a wide variety of articles and books on Customer Satisfaction, Brand development and Operational Excellence.  Listed below are convenient links so you can read them or order his books.

Driving Operational Excellence: Successful Lean Six Sigma Secrets to Improve the Bottom Line  Editor Ron Crabtree, McNaughton & Gunn, December 2010

Expanding Lean Terms to More Effectively Engage All Functions - Redefining Value-Added for Service  Ezine October 2010

Taking Control Again in Today's Troubled Times  Intuit November 21, 2009

Automated Tools Cause Frustration, Fall Short Marketing News October 27, 2003

Running the Extra Mile:  
Going Beyond Standards in the Sales and Service Process  CRM Magazine  October 2003

Infiniti Dominates in Service Satisfaction Automotive News July 28, 2003

Total Brand Development Index   Forbes  2003

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