It's All About Flow
The secret to becoming a High Performance Enterprise lies in your ability to enable and enhance flow.  Streamlining your process to enhance flow will speed up your ability to get work done (e.g., processing time, delivery time), increase quality, replicability, reliability, andscalability, while lowering your costs.  Increasing flow can be achieved through a wide variety of means, including:

  • Becoming proactive, rather than reactive
  • Utilizing Systems Thinking
  • Utilizing Lean Six Sigma methods
  • Using Mass Customization
  • Eliminating disruptions
  • Reducing variability and stabilizing processes
  • Understanding the difference between a process and a practice and which practices can and should be turned into processes
  • Understanding your current process flow (Utilizing Value Stream Maps)
  • Knowing where you are going (Future State Vision & Map)
  • Recognizing and acting within your process limits
  • Understanding when and how to improve processes
  • Making your processes scalable, both up and down
  • Measuring the right things, the right ways and translating the results into action
  • Understanding the difference between Value-Added and Non Value-Added activities
  • Streamlining through eliminating Non-Value-Added Activities/Eliminating Waste
  • Recognizing and eliminating Failure Demand
  • Aligning your organization to common purposes
  • Continuously improving

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