Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction, while rapidly reducing costs and increasing capacities. The old ways of doing business must be replaced with more systematic, evidence-based methods that streamline processes to achieve necessary outcomes.

Adopting the methods of High Performance Enterprises leads to the alignment across the entire Value Stream to include leadership, staff, suppliers and communities in execution and results that improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Streamlining your day-to-day work, by increasing process flow, improves operational and financial performance through methods that enhance quality of care, patient and employee satisfaction and quality of life. You can expect significant process improvements by engaging High Performance Enterprise Solutions.

Using scientific, solutions based  approaches, you should focus your efforts on delivering Value-Added Activities that save time and work to improve patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and quality of life. Proven approach should include:

  • Assessing the Voice of Market and the Voice of the Patient
  • Assessing Care Giver and Manager opinions, perceptions, objectives and approaches
  • Performing Root Cause Analysis to focus efforts for maximum effect
  • Establishing relevant Benchmarks
  • Mapping and measuring the Current State, identifying Value-Added and Non-Value Added steps
  • Mapping a streamlined Future State
  • Developing predictive KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, with relevant measures and metrics)
  • Developing Visual Systems to monitor and ensure day-to-day KPI performance
  • Developing means and methods to sustain the gains
  • Providing Change Management education and training, to all staff levels, to maximize continuous improvement
  • Working collaboratively with clients to help them develop IT solutions to support process improvements
  • Helping clients deploy learning throughout their networks, patients and stakeholder community

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You should achieve significant improvements
 in as little as 90 days