Chg Mgt
To be effective, an organization needs to be focused on a customer centric Vision and employ comprehensive methods to achieve that Vision.  You need to be able to effectively translate strategy into tactical actions.

Achievement of the Vision is enhanced by engaging in comprehensive Change Management. Leadership, Managers and employees must all become engaged in achieving the customer centric outcomes "driving" your unique Value proposition.

While benchmarking plays a role, to sustain continuous improvements that lead to achieving your Vision, it is essential that your improvements be organic to your organization.  In other words,  to be the most effective, you need to develop and implement your own solutions to deal with your specific issues, to achieve your unique goals.  If you merely copy the solutions of others, how can you create and deliver a unique Brand?  You are merely delivering a generic product or service, diluting your ability to reach your end goals.

While many focus on Top-Down approaches, the most effective solutions are driven both from the Top-Down and from the Bottom-Up.  The more everyone "owns" your Vision and the processes to get you there, the easier, faster and more effective your organization will be.  Excite Business Solutions uniquely focuses on organic construction, ownership and growth, so everyone in your organization owns your outcomes and reaps their benefits.

Educate your staff on the importance of a systems approach to managing and conducting work.  A systems approach will lead to significant improvements that will dramatically increase engagement, adaptability, flexibility and innovation on your front line, where the work takes place.  Managers and employees will take on different roles and responsibilities that will increase your organization's strength, capability, capacity, quality, sales, profits and customer satisfaction, while lowering your costs.  See also, JIT Insights.

Focus on organic construction, ownership and growth, so everyone in your organization owns your outcomes.
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