Once a clear you know where you want to be ( Vision and Strategy), a High Performance Enterprise needs to thoroughly understand their marketplace and their place within it.  They must understand...

  • the critical elements that "Drive" success (CTQ) and their Value (Weight) to Customers as they relate to Purchase, Use, Loyalty and Advocacy to others.
  • their competitive framework.  
  • the competition among important consumer segments.
  • how their organization and its competitors perform on each Value area.
  • their uniqueness (What, if anything, differentiates them from the pack). 
  • their core competencies. 

They must assess and prioritize Opportunities and Gaps, so that improvement efforts engage (and improve) the aspects that have the maximum effect on Brand and organizational success.

From this information, one can develop an Operational Driver predictive model to simulate the effects of different solutions/actions on outcomes to help you prioritize your actions.

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